The Marco Polo

The Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo

What is the Marco Polo?

The Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo is the factory manufactured campervan. It is most distinguished by the elevating 'pop-top' roof. The elevating roof is manufactured by the renowned German company Westfalia. The Westfalia elevating roofs were commonly observed on campervans through Europe and Australia since the 1960s.

Mercedes Benz Marco Polo

When was the Marco Polo introduced to Australia?

The Marco Polo ACTIVITY was introduced by Mercedes-Benz Asia/Pacific to the Australian marketplace in May 2017.

What Marco Polo models are available in Australia?

Whilst there are a variety of models available in Europe, the model available in Australia is the ACTIVITY.

The ACTIVITY is similar in specification to the Valente

In Europe there is also the HORIZON model, which is more aligned with the V-Class V250 in Australia. The HORIZON is not yet available in Australia.

Is there a camping kitchen in the Marco Polo?

In Australia there is no camping kitchen from the factory. However, there is a German manufactured camping kitchen option available for the Marco Polo in Australia. This is the VanEssa mobilcamping rear kitchen module seen below. 

 Camping Kitchen pod with fridge from VanEssa mobilcamping for Marco Polo

The VanEssa kitchen pods and accessories on this page are available from Mercedes-Benz dealers in Australia when you purchase a new Marco Polo, or via VanEssa mobilcamping Australia.

For more information on the VanEssa mobilcamping modular camping kitchen pod, please visit the Marco Polo Camping Kitchen Pod page on the VanEssa website. 

Marco Polo Australia with kitchen pod

Marco Polo Australia with kitchen pod open

Marco Polo Australia with kitchen pod fridge and cooker

How many seats does the Marco Polo have?

The Marco Polo is delivered as standard with 5 seats (2 at the front, and triple seat in the back) or optionally an additional 2 seats (captain's chairs in the middle) to make it a 7-seat campervan

How many sleeping berths does the Marco Polo have?

The Marco Polo sleeps 2 downstairs and 2 upstairs to total 4 berths.

Optionally, an additional children's bed is available from VanEssa mobilcamping. This 'Kinderbett' is placed across the front seats to then total 5 sleeping berths, and is suitable for children up to around 7 years old.